Prosecco DOC Rosé is the newest category of Prosecco from the Dreamland.

Prosecco DOC Rosé is fresh and lively, a blend of a minimum of 85% Glera and 10-15% Pinot Noir grapes.

Prosecco DOC Rosé represents the evolution of the already world-famous Prosecco DOC, whose success is a result of centuries-old traditions and ancient knowledge passed down for generations, combined with the enological vocation of a territory that is in many ways unique to the world between Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the Prosecco Dreamland.

Prosecco DOC Rosé offers a new and exciting way to meet for a toast with friends, relax after work, or elevate the everyday. Its pale pink color and fine, persistent perlage (resulting from an extended stop on the fermentation yeast at 60 days) evoke an original personality that fits in any environment with class and elegance.

Prosecco DOC Rosé is a combination of a minimum of 85% Glera grapes and 10-15% Pinot Noir. Similar to classic Prosecco DOC, the Rosé has an aroma of white flowers, apple and bright citrus: the signature descriptors of Glera. This experience is enriched by hints of raspberry bestowed by Pinot Noir.

The mouthfeel of Prosecco DOC Rosé is round and soft, but has greater structure than classic Prosecco.


Prosecco DOC Rosé is produced in the same way as classic Prosecco DOC through the Martinotti/Charmat method. It is made up of a minimum of 85% Glera and 10 to 15% Pinot Noir grapes, which are vinified red.

Marked by an official government seal on the neck of each bottle to guarantee quality and authenticity, Prosecco DOC Rosé must be produced sparkling and in the dry style: from Brut Nature to Extra Dry. The wine always boasts the Millesimato mention on the label, as Prosecco DOC Rosé must contain 85% of grapes from the vintage declared on the label.

In contrast to classic Prosecco DOC, Prosecco DOC Rosé undergoes a total of 60 days of fermentation, and can only be Spumante (with fine and persistent bubbles). The sweetness of Prosecco DOC Rosé ranges from Brut Nature to Extra Dry.


Legitimate Prosecco DOC Rosé can be identified by its state seal (pictured below), similar to the original Prosecco DOC. The label always features the Millesimato reference year, as is characteristic of all Prosecco DOC Rosé.

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