The sugar content of Prosecco, like the sugar content in all sparkling wines produced in Europe (including Champagne and Cava), is dictated by EU regulations; therefore, all have the same range of residual sugar.

Brut sparkling wines contain from 0-12 g/l of residual sugar (brut nature wines contain from 0 to 3 g/l and extra brut from 0 to 6 g/l); extra dry sparkling wines contain from 12-17 g/l of residual sugar; dry contains from 17-32 g/l, demi-sec contains from 32-50 g/l; and dolce maggiore contains 50 g/l and higher. Prosecco DOC can only be produced in brut, extra dry, dry, and demi-sec versions, and 98% of all Prosecco DOC is produced in the Brut or Extra Dry versions, thus containing a maximum of 17 g/l of residual sugar.


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