Celebrate National Prosecco Day

National Prosecco Day is just around the corner on August 13th!
Prosecco DOC is here with some tips to help you celebrate.

Prosecco Day1. Choose the right bottle. With the growing popularity of Prosecco, the market is becoming saturated with counterfeit Prosecco. Authentic Prosecco DOC can only come from the Veneto and Friuli regions. Thankfully, you can make things easier on yourself by getting a DOC certified bottle to guarantee quality every time. Be on the lookout for the blue label.

2. Start your day off right with a bottle of Prosecco DOC. That’s right, this year, National Prosecco Day falls on a Sunday, also known as Brunch Day. Prosecco DOC is fabulous on its own, but don’t be afraid to try it in a Bellini or mimosa to mix things up and add some sparkle to your Sunday brunch.

3. On that note, drink it with food! Prosecco pairs well with just about anything. Its acidity makes it particularly great for cutting through salty treats. Check out our summer pairing guide here.

4. Don’t have a flute? Don’t worry! Prosecco, tastes great in a regular wine glass. The wine glass will help you better appreciate the aromas of the wine. But don’t get too caught up in your glassware because there is no wrong way to enjoy Prosecco DOC.

5. And most importantly, enjoy Prosecco with friends. Lively and bubbly, Prosecco DOC is made to be social. So gather some of your loved ones and sip to summer on National Prosecco Day.

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