Prosecco Week in the News

As Prosecco gains global popularity as one of the most celebrated Italian sparkling wines, interest and demand continue to grow. Here you will find the most recent news and upcoming events as the Prosecco DOC Consortium launches National Prosecco Week for the first time ever in the US.

Prosecco DOC Announces the First Ever ‘National Prosecco Week’

The Prosecco DOC Consortium, the entity that oversees the production of the hugely popular Italian sparkling wine, is pleased to announce the launch of the first ever National Prosecco Week, beginning Monday, June 11th through June 16th.

The Drink Business lists upcoming events including Prosecco Springs festival in London

A four-day celebration of Prosecco, featuring tastings, Italian food, masterclasses and live music.

National Prosecco Week featured in Just-Drinks

The Prosecco DOC Consortium has lined up a National Prosecco Week in the US for later this year, with activity prepared in five cities across the country.

Prosecco DOC Partners with Renowned Restaurants, Wine Experts, and Producers for National Prosecco Week

The Prosecco DOC Consortium, the entity that oversees production and quality of the hugely popular Italian sparkling wine, is pleased to announce the participants for its National Prosecco Week Masterclasses and Prosecco & Pizza Competition, taking place June 11-16th. These events will take place throughout the United States-New York, San Francisco, Miami, Denver and Chicago.

The History of Aperitivo Hour

During this magic hour, Prosecco takes center stage. Clean and crisp, with apple, pear and a hint of floral notes, this bubbly is made from the Glera grape, grown just north of Venice.

Frozen Prosecco is the Best Prosecco

This sparkling juice is incredibly versatile and pairs well with all kinds of bites from bagel bites to the highest grade of sushi tuna. Why is Prosecco such a pairable wine? It is all about the balance between acid and sweetness.

National Prosecco Week featured in Enterprise

June 11th is the beginning of National Prosecco week. My response: always take advantage to drink good wine!

Prosecco Is More Than Just A Mimosa Wine

By treating Prosecco like wine, instead of a cocktail mixer, we can really tap into the potential of carefully-made, centuries-old Italian sparklers. Sommeliers, wine shop owners, and other connoisseurs across the United States are exploring the nuances of the Glera grape.

Bellinis: a Quick Story of Prosecco Innovation

Prosecco is unique to Italy and the sparkling wine is so versatile that it is perfect to pair with all kinds of food, sipped all by itself, and it also makes for an excellent partner in a cocktail.

National Prosecco Week featured in NY Metro Parents

Come join The Prosecco DOC Consortium to celebrate Italy’s most popular sparkling wine at Roberta’s in Brooklyn for Pizza & Prosecco Garden Party to wrap up this year’s National Prosecco Week!

Spritz Plains Cocktail – Prosecco DOC

Named for the nearby Montauk beach Ditch Plains, the Spritz Plains cocktail from Ruschmeyer’s is an instant summer classic. Sweet but with a bite from the grapefruit and Prosecco, it’s dangerously easy to sip down.

Popping Days of Summer at Prosecco Week

The Prosecco DOC Consortium the entity that oversees the production of the hugely popular Italian sparkling wine, is hosting National Prosecco Week across the country. The fun ranges from Prosecco and Pizza competitions to master classes, led by well-known sommeliers in each city that focus on teaching and showcasing Prosecco’s food pairing versatility with various dishes.

Gina drinks: The snap, sparkle and pop of Prosecco

Did you drink any Prosecco over the weekend? It was, after all, the culmination of National Prosecco Week. To celebrate, the Prosecco DOC Consortium hosted a series of masterclasses around the country. And who am I to say no to an afternoon of drinking bubbles on Miami’s South Beach, which is where the gathering took place in the southeastern United States.