Retail & E-Commerce Promotions

The Prosecco DOC Consortium invites retailers nationwide to celebrate the third annual National Prosecco Week. National Prosecco Week aims to raise awareness and increase the sales of wines through online promotions and special offers on DOC Prosecco wines.

All participating retailers will be provided with all the digital assets needed to create a digital promotion including logos, banner ads, website copy, bottle shots, etc. Promotions can be creative with special pricing on DOC Prosecco wines, newsletter features, email blasts and dedicated landing pages. All we ask is you carry a minimum of three participating brands and include only DOC Prosecco wines.

National Prosecco Week is being supported by a robust traditional, paid media and social media campaign targeting current and prospective Prosecco buyers. Key partners include Wine Enthusiast magazine, Seven Fifty and 3x3. Targeted ads will click through to the National Prosecco Week website where each retailer will be listed with clickable links directly to your website.

We hope that we can collaborate to celebrate Prosecco and increase your sales!


  • ● Must carry a minimum of 3 participating DOC Prosecco Wines.
    • (See participating producers here)
  • ● Use the provided digital assets
  • ● Other DOC Prosecco wines can be used, but not DOCG.

If you are a retailer looking to participate in this promotion, please contact

Download National Prosecco Week Marketing Materials

Participating Retailers




Gary’s Wine, Bernardsville

Gary’s Wine, Closter Gary’s Wine, Madison

Gary’s Wine, Wayne

Petrocks Wine

McKinley Wine & Spirits

Colonial Wine & Spirits

Global Wine & Spirits

Michael Towne Wine & Spirits

Western Beverages

KH&H Liquors

Bobkat Liquors

Cape Cod Package Store

HB Liquors

NB Liquors

Camillus Liquors

EHP Liquors

Sheehan’s Liquor

Cabrini Wines & Spirits

Surf Liquors

333 East Main Street Wine & Liquors

Franklin Liquors

Wantagh Wines & Spirits

BBB Liquors


Busa Wine & Spirits

Gordon’s Fine Wines & Liquors

Quarry Liquors

A Taste of the Vineyard

AH Liquors

CHM Liquors

Aries Wine & Spirits

Shippy’s Warehouse

Julio’s Liquors

Lighthouse Wine & Spirits

Seneca Valley Wine & Liquor

Banks Wine & Spirits

MacArthur Beverage

Simmon’s Liquors


Shop n Save Liquors

Sterling Cellars

Barmy Wine & Liquor

333 East Main Street Wine & Liquor

Marlboro Wine & Spirits

Aceti’s Wine & Spirits

Linwood Wine

Barrymore’s Wine & Spirits

Super Cellars

Colonial Spirits

Gates Circle Liquor

Preet Liquor

Columbia Package Store

Stony Creek Package Store

Townline Wine & Spirits – North Branford

Hi-Way Package Store

Avon Wines & Spirits

New London Wine & Spirits

Townline Wine & Spirits – Northford

Ledyard Discount Wine & Liquors

Ye Old Wine Shoppe

Olde Tyme Liquors

Bernier’s Liquors

Fifth Avenue Liquors

Lincoln Liquors

North Station Liquors

ChrisPy’s Liquors & Lottery

Dubs’s Liquors and Fine Wines

Kelley Square Liquors

Framingham Liquors

Prime Discount Liquor

Kelly’s Liquors

River Road WINE

Woodcliff Lake Wine and Liquors

Wesmont Wines

Hackensack Buy Rite

Buy Rite Fairview

Buddy’s Wine & Liquor

Super Saver

Hopewell House Fine Wines & Liquor

Bed-Vyne Wine & Spirits

Alphabet City Wine Co.

Urban Wines and Spirits

East Meadow Wine & Spirits

Little Mo Wine & Spirits

McGoverns Wines & Liquors

East Houston Wine & Liquor

Wine Delivery NYC

Financial District Wine & Liquor

Astoria Liquors Inc

Grace Wine & Spirits

Morton Williams Wine & Spirits Park Ave

Liquor Square

Freedom Wine Cellar

Executive Wine & Spirits

Odyssey Wine & Spirits

Bedford Wine & Spirits

Seaside Wine and Liquors

Tahli’s Discount Liquors

Beck’s Wine And Spirits

Midway Wine & Liquor

Riverhead Liquor Mart

New Golden Wine & Liquor

55th Street Wine & Spirits

Central Cellars

Philippe Liquors

Bensonhurst Liquors

Main Street Wine & Liquor

Fine Wines Unlimited Corp.

Pascale’s Liquors

selden wine & liquor

B & S Zeeman Wines and Spirits

Slim & Harry’s Liquor

Liquor Express (Baldwinsville)

Dcer Wine & Liquor

Monty’s Discount Wine & Liquor

Gotham Wine & Liquors

Zheng Brothers Wine


Markay’s Wine & Spirits

Harison Wine & Liquor

Grape Hill Liquor Traders

Bay Parkway Liquors

Eye Street Cellars

Amazing Grapes

Lake Wine And Spirits

Imperial Wine and Spirits


Square Liquors

Carmelo’s Wine & Liquor

Park Manor Wine & Spirits

Liquor and Wine Warehouse

Franklin Wine & Spirits


New fine Wines & Spirits

Rogers Liquor Wine and Spirits

Mac Liquors

Cork & Barrel Wine and Spirits

P&s spirit corp

Sterling Fine Wines


Please check back for new participating retailers!